Vijay Opticians: A trusted authorized dealer for branded sunglasses in India .
Vijay opticians is a 30 year old brand with great experience in the eyewear industry. Having such a rich experience has brought us to a juncture of building value to our hundreds and thousands of clients all over India. Bollywood industry is a big fan of ours and we have been catering the major big celebrities since a decade now. We are headquartered in Mumbai with courteous staff who would love to consult and assist you to make a right choice on the purchase of your sunglasses.We are an authorized dealer for 50+ International brands and offer a wide collection of designer eye glasses/sunglasses .
We have now started our online Ecom platform for hassle free transactions. Visit offline or online we don’t fail to delight you in your selection of your favourite designer eyewear from our wide array of branded designer sunglasses.


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We are an authorized dealer for 50+ International brands and offer the largest variety of eye glasses/sunglasses and contact lenses in India.

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