The First Frame in the World was made in Italy in the 13th century. This legacy of building frames and sunglasses has been taken forward very stylishly by the Italians ever since. The first frame was made up of a metal and the glass was made of Quartz, thanks to the advancements in technology and design, we don’t have to wear those heavy frames in 2019.

To give you a better perspective, this is what the first frame invented looked like:

Today with hundreds of brands there are thousands of options of eyewear, for everything from protective to sports, and corrective to designer sunglasses. And when you have tons of options what naturally follows while buying sunglasses or selecting a frame is ‘Confusion’. Well don’t you worry, we have got you covered with our list of ‘Top 5 Luxury Frames which are Trending Globally in 2019’.



American beauty with frames, Moscot is an American eyewear brand which is making Frames and Sunglasses for 5 generations now. It was founded 104 years ago by Hyman Moscot, in Manhattan and is now headquartered in New York. The specialty of Moscot eyewear frames is that it offers many sizes than you can think of, which can suit any face size. Moscot is a big fan of color brown, if you like brown in your frames then Moscot will satisfy you with their multiple shades of brown making you suit great for a corporate lifestyle.

Moscot has recently launched “Lemtosh” model in eyewear frames, which is creating a buzz in the fashion industry. Lemtosh offers 3 color selections- Crystal/ Gold, Spot Tortoise/ Gold, and Black/ Gold.

New York’s famous Ad Magazine Adweek has stated Mascot’s Lemtosh eye wear frame as “a pioneer of geek chic—might just be the coolest pair of frames ever created”

Mascot has a huge influence on Hollywood stars like,50 Cent, Kiefer Sutherland, Jake Gyllenhaal, Paul Rudd, Josh Hartnettand, Jeff Goldblum, to name a few.


One of the most recent names in the eyewear industry, Irresistor was founded in the year 2014 by Jinhyun Park, an electronic engineering. Jin worked as a researcher at LG Semiconductor and Hyundai Electronics, started his career in eyewear by diving into sunglasses distribution in 2006 and later released Irresistor as his own label.

Irresistor gained popularity quickly, being nominated for the Silmo d’or Awards, held in Paris, in the year 2014 and 2015 and took home the gold at the 10th IDA Design Awards in the year 2017. The out of the box designs of frames is what sets their sunglasses apart. Some of Irresistor’s best selling collections include the Autobahn, Nebula and Explorer series.

However the frame that is trending and has gained quite some popularity recently is the Stardust series.

With its oversized look and the color combinations of silver/black and gold/black, these are the frames to buy if you want a mix of elegance and trend.


The first MYKITA premises were settled in a former children’s day care, called Kita in German. This is what inspired the name My Kita. Founded in Berlin in 2003, the founders decided to set up the in-house production to manufacture their own frames and eyewear as they were unable to find a manufacturer. Since then developing their own tools and processes to meet design requirements has become their greatest strength.

Mykita has always been a crowd favorite when it comes to originality and design with their collections like No1, Lite, Lessrim, but the frame that is gaining the most popularity  is the Mylon collection.

With a variety of frames for men and women this collection rightfully deserves all the love and attention that it is getting.


With their sleek and slim frames designs that you will find nowhere else, Projekt Produkt, is one of the names whose inclusion in this blog simply cannot be contested. Being founded in the year 2014, Projekt Produkt is another addition to the young brand list. And this brand too has scored well and scored big straight out of the dugout.
President and CEO Lee Hyun-Ho who is also the head of design at Projekt Produkt, is a veteran optician and launched the brand with an aim to achieve the right balance between price, quality and design.

The brand releases a collection each year with a central theme such as modern rock chic or glam.


Last but certainly not the least on the list. The story of how LGR was founded and what laid the path to it is perhaps an unlikely one.

In 2005 on a trip to Eritrea, Luca, the founder of LGR, paid visit to an optical store owned by his grandfather in Asmara. A box of sunglasses caught his eye, this particular pair had been imported from Italy , about 50 years ago. Luca was so fascinated by this frame’s  elegant  design that he brought them back to Italy with him, tracked down the manufacturers and began production on a small scale.

The frames gained popularity and thus paved the way for this illustrious brand to be born. Designs inspired by the Africa, and handmade in Italy, LGR brings its customers the best of both worlds through its eyewear range.


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