Counterfeit Sunglasses is a Trillion Dollar Industry, it is Surviving by making first copies of the Original Sunglasses. The replica of branded sunglasses is no longer a tuff job and is been manufactured by many companies all across the globe.

Do you know How to Spot a fake barberini sunglasses, Ray-Ban, Gucci, Burberry, Giorgio ArmaniBvlgari, Brooks Brothers, Chanel, Coach, Polo Ralph Lauren, PradaTiffany & Co., Givenchy, or a Versace ?

We will give you some tips on how to Spot Fake Sunglasses?

1 Check the Cover.

“Don’t Judge the book by its cover “does not work here. Check it all over, look for the brand logo or sign on the box with no spelling Mistake, Quality of The Cover will give you a big hint, the finishing of the cover will tell you many things, the edges of the cover should look new and not used. Look closely at the printing quality of the cover, where the brand name is written.  See if there is printing blot, error, spelling mistake etc. If at all the cover looks like it’s made in an aftermarket factory and not by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) then the sunglasses you have ordered online or bought offline is likely to be fake! What is if you haven’t received your cover with the branded sunglasses, it means it is definitely FAKE!

2 What’s inside the cover?

This part is very difficult to copy by the counterfeit manufacturers of sunglasses. Let’s assume you have bought a pair of Gucci sunglasses online, how would you spot fake Gucci sunglasses? Important tip: Don’t just get straight away to the sunglasses, check the things what you get along the box. In the case of Gucci you shall get two things in the box: 1st. Warranty Card/Booklet and 2nd. A Lens cleaning cloth packed in a plastic cover.


Check the Temple:

    1. Outer side of the Temple/ Arm: In the case of a Gucci, most of the Gucci frames will have “Gucci” written at the outer side of the temple, try removing the logo by semi-pointedequipment or by your nail, the original logo is engraved so well that it will not lose its initials by any such acts.

  1. Inner left side of the temple/ Arm:

Inner side of the arm will have 3 major information regarding its authenticity:

GG abbreviates Guccio Gucci, the four numbers after GG is the model number for that Gucci Sunglasses. “S” denotes Sunglasses. The numbers after that is the color code for that specific sunglass.

Now that you know what stands for what, you can quickly check it online by entering the model number. Many counterfeit Sunglasses will have a wrong model number written, this could be one of the quickest and the smartest way to spot a fake Gucci sunglasses. (Of this blog)

Iii) Inner Right Side of the temple:

If it’s Gucci it has to be made in Italy. CE denotes “Conformité European”, which means conformity with safety, health, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area, it can also be found with goods sold out of EEA. The print on the frame is scratch proof and won’t fade off by scratching it.

 Check the weight:

Any branded sunglasses will not be significantly light as the frames are built with high quality materials.


Movement of the handle:

Check the movement of the handle, an easy way to do a quick check to spot fake sunglasses. The movement of the arm should be free with no friction, like fluid free.


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